Crispy autumn morning

There was a beautiful full moon last night shining in through out north east facing bedroom window from a clear sky. It was cold-we put the heating on in the evening for the first time.
The Anglo Saxons called the month of September, Halegmonath , the holy month. The venerable Bede, a monk writing in about 730 AD describes it more specifically as “the Month of Offerings”. As “Halegmonath” was equivalent to our September it is reasonable to assume this was the time for a major harvest festival. “(Refer here) In other cultures the September full moon is called the Wine moon to coincide with the grape harvest and and the Harvest moon. A strong theme of gathering crops seems to be widespread in the northern hemisphere.

Verbena bonariensis still glorious in early morning sunlight

Asters, unknown variety

A wonderful morning followed the beautiful night and I took these pictures before spending 2 hours on the allotment digging. I was careful to use physics to help with the turning over of the soil and stretched properly when I came home, before sitting on the bench in the garden, to enjoy a chocolate éclair and coffee. I decided 2 hours digging merited a cake!
Whilst sitting on the bench, one of my friendly pigeons (that I am netting crops against!) came and joined me in the garden.

Woodpigeon in bird Bath

I know they are pests, but I like ’em.

Cake and coffee consumed and pigeon suitably bathed, I took a couple of other pictures because the sun was lovely and warm and the garden is still looking pretty good.

This is the view from the bench (above) and here is the little patio rose I rescued from the supermarket when it was not looking as good as this. It is called Pink Tiara and has a sweet perfume. There are plenty of buds still to open.


2 thoughts on “Crispy autumn morning

  1. Your garden is indeed still looking good!
    That is tricky, isn’t it? Maintaining interest all through the year takes skill….

    I like your pigeon, too….

  2. I love looking at the moon, as our bedroom faces east it is outside in the evening, sometimes during the night it is so bright that I think someone is shining a torch out in the garden, I do find though that the full moon gives me a muggy head, although maybe just a coincidence. Your garden is still looking so colourful, you are lucky, mine looks awful, tomorrow I hope to get out there and have a good tidy. We too have a pair of resident wood pigeons, they are very handy around the garden, as along with my squirrel they tend to clean up any spilt seed from the feeders. Have a good weekend.

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