Allotment update

After my 2 hours digging on Thursday and with another couple of hours today with 2 of us working, we have made great progress on our target patch. The pictures are taken down slope and up slope of the same section, so the next foray onto the soil should see “breakthrough” on this section of the allotment. I am delighted with how much we have managed. The original target was to clear this piece by Christmas, so we are well ahead of schedule.

The red bucket is sitting on the uncleared piece. It was there from the previous tenants and I am now using it to transport the couch grass roots from where we are working to a “burn” pile.

In the bottom left of the picture is the strawberry bed. It still has some flowers and fruit, but the slugs seem to know where it is too. I was lucky, though. Hiding under the big leaves of the rhubarb plant right in the foreground of the picture I found 2 ripe strawberries. One for the leopard slug that was already enjoying it and one for me. Yummy.

Next year I will almost certainly dig up the plants and put them into a clear and fertilised area, together with the new runners I am cultivating at home. The distant prospect of summer fruit is calling. Something to look forward to.


3 thoughts on “Allotment update

  1. Does your back ache Judith after doing all that work to your allotment? I have been out in the garden doing a lot of clearing both days at the weekend and I feel like quasimodo!

  2. My back is OK, thank you Quasimodo. I am being very scrupulous about walking to and fro to warm up and warm down and to stretch my back and shoulders when I get home. So far so good. ( But Rob has digger’s knee this morning!)

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