October harvest

It has been a wet autumn day for the start of October, not cold but sufficiently miserable for a vegetable curry to sound appealing for supper.

I had a collection of vegetables in the fridge including a sweet potato and an aubergine, as well as onions and red peppers, and was able to supplement the basics with these delights from the garden. The courgette, with its flower still attached is the variety Tromba d’Albenga. I have been so impressed by its performance this year. It was very slow to get started but now snakes across the garden for about 10 feet, climbing through other plants gaily as it goes. The fruits are indeed shaped like trumpets or trombones and are firmly textured. It will certainly earn a place on the allotment next year, having performed much better than the Green Bush and Goldrush varieties I grew.

The cucumbers hated the summer but have been fruiting on and off outside for some weeks. The one on the right of the board is destined to join some yoghurt in a raita I am making to go with the vegetable curry.

The tomatoes have produced some fruit after surviving an attach by tomato blight. I stripped off all the blighted foliage and when the weather turned drier and warmer in September, the plants put on some more growth and have managed a crop. Above there are the little cherry variety , Gardeners Delight and the stripy Tigerella. In flavour terms, the cherry tomatoes win every contest. Perhaps the Tigerellas would do better under glass.

I had left the last of the French beans on the plant to fatten up. I collected a few this afternoon and shelled them, ready to add towards the end of the curry cooking time. I guess these are now true haricot vert. I shall repeat the experiment next year and now need to find out how the dry them for winter use.


5 thoughts on “October harvest

  1. Great horticultural and culinary minds think alike! I too am making curry tonight for supper on this wet and cool fall day….only mine is homegrown potatoes and local sweet onions…and some of my homemade pear chutney to go with….

    Bon Appetit!

  2. Yes, it was good!
    I just grabbed a recipe online, Judith (which is what I usually do). I may have to make another batch…Chad, Robert, and I went through a whole pint between us! I’ll let you know when I do…

  3. I grew tigerella under glass and outdoors this year. Not a terribly good dooer in either case – I think they were free seeds on the front of a magazine. More attractive when they were green. I agree with you about the flavour of cherry tomatoes. Gardeners Delight, Harlequin and Sungold are my faves!

  4. Lovely vegetables Judith, I only grow cherry tomatoes, usually Garden Pearl, they are just so easy. Have you ever grown summer squash? I think you would like them? I hope you enjoyed your meal, a great recipe for a curry.

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