Sunday digging

After another morning’s digging yesterday, we have now turned over the soil on well over half of the allotment, as you can see above. I say “we”, but Rob has done the lion’s share of the heavy digging, and a very fine job he has made of it too. We intend to leave it rough dug over the winter so that the frost, hoping we get some, can help to break down the big clods and make spring cultivation easier.

We have taken delivery of an immense load of cow manure, straight from the cow shed, so that needs to rot down over the winter too before we can start to make use of it. I was going to post a picture, but decided that it really wasn’t necessary!

Progress has been good since we took it on just 4 weeks ago, when it looked like this.

I put in the second row of strawberry plants, so there are now 20 in my new strawberry bed, and I have planted 2 rows of Japanese onions in, bought from the garden centre, which should overwinter well. We are trying to make the best of the weather whilst we are in this gentle spell of weather, because no doubt it will rain again soon, putting paid to some outdoor chores.

I spent this morning cutting grass at home and taking down the last of the French beans and their supporting canes, and this afternoon hope to turn my attention to doing something with the collage picture of the leaves and fruits and berries I made on Saturday.


3 thoughts on “Sunday digging

  1. Great progress indeed. You really have a feel for this, that is obvious.
    Can you walk to your allotment? How far is it from home?

  2. Yes, we can walk. It’s a pleasant 15 minutes walk away, so I only take the car if I have masses of tools to take.

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