Summer bedding plants outside Truro Cathedral this morning.

I make no apology for this not being a garden post today, but I have included a flower border above! I’ve never been to Truro in Cornwall before. Rob had a meeting there today, so I went along for the ride, camera ready and armed with the essential information that there was a fabric shop with around 11,000 different fabrics for sale.

It’s a 3 hour journey from home-a little further than Cambridge is the other way from here. We drove over the central section of Dartmoor ( wet) and over Bodmin moor (grey and wet as usual), which meant the views were obliterated by low cloud and rain. It always surprises me how different Devon is from Cornwall, despite their proximity. Devon always seems greener and Cornwall greyer, but I’m prepared to be proved wrong, not wishing to upset any Cornishmen and women out there.

The most remarkable sight on the journey west was of the Willow Man, on the Somerset levels, a wondrous 12 metre high sculpture made of willow. We always admire him as we drive past but this morning he was adorned by a pair of kestrels, one on each arm. Alas, I did not get a picture, but the one below from this website will give you the idea.

Truro is a little city, by dint of possessing a Cathedral, but not by it’s size. (Population 19,000.) It is the county town of Cornwall and once an important port and tin mining centre.
It’s difficult to get a great picture of the Cathedral as the building surrounding it are up close and personal. But here’s one, and there are others on the website linked above.

Part of the front of Truro Cathedral

I was attracted to the quayside where this boat has been pressed into use as a Florists shop, the entrance being via the gangplank, right of picture. Those baskets of autumn flowering cyclamen were lovely.

Florist shop boat

Florist shop boat, tide out on the Truro River.

But my attention had originally caught by the site of all of these pigeons rain bathing on the copper roof of a building. I can’t quite work out how they are not sliding down!

The fabric shop, as advertised, had so many fabrics, I spent a heavenly 2 hours (yes, two!) browsing through them and the collection of ribbons, threads, beads, buttons, wool, haberdashery of all sorts. I showed terrific restraint in my purchases, sticking strictly to the colour scheme I am working with and buying only silks in small quantities. Oh-apart from 2 American cotton fabrics that were too delicious to leave behind. A picture may well appear on spinningyarns tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Truro

  1. Hi Judith, I love Truro, the first time we visited it reminded me so much of Chichester (I suppose they are both cathedral towns) which is about a 20 mile drive from me, if you ever come down to West Sussex pay a visit and see what you think? I have never seen the Willow Man, I shall look him up on the internet, we will pay him a visit. I am glad you had a break from your allotment, it really can be all work and no play. I love Cornwall, even more so than Devon, although both are equally as good for cream teas!

  2. Thanks so much for the tour….I love having the window into the English (and Welsh) countryside that you give us.
    What a fun day!

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