Autumn jewel

Just had to post this picture. I spent some time in the sunshine tidying away the tomatoes this afternoon-they really have finished now, poor things. I hope next year will be a better one for tomatoes and all the other heat loving vegetables I am so fond of. I had finished shaking the compost over the vegetable garden and disposing of the plants in the bin-not composting these as they had blight-and had gone indoors to find a bowl for the fruit I had removed.

As I walked past the asters, I spotted this perfect butterfly, also enjoying the warmth. It is a comma, Polygonia c-album, so called because of a white mark on the underwing which looks a bit like a comma, but which you cannot see in this picture. It was a lovely shade of copper orange, and clashed beautifully with the lilac pink of the asters. Gorgeous.


3 thoughts on “Autumn jewel

  1. Oh, and you’ve got some sedum in there too.
    The butterfly is so gorgeous! I hope you will embroider him (Her? It?) on your autumn floral-printing-CQ-experiment….flowers aren’t complete without their bugs, are they? I didn’t start loving bugs and spiders until I started crazy quilting, and that is the truth!

  2. Hi Judith, that’s a lovely photo of the comma, and I love orange with pink. Lovely aster, mine have developed mildew again this year.

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