Autumn confusion

Autumn looks like this, yes? Of course it does. Lovely red tints on maple leaves, yellow birch leaves on the grass.

But what is going on here with my Viburnum plicatum Mariesii? It flowers in May. Gorgeous white tiers like a wedding cake. Beautiful plant. So here in mid October it is bearing autumn tinted leaves and blossom. Poor confused thing.

And here is a campanula in full flower with a pretty geranium cheerfully blooming through it. They were in flower in May too. But not in the summer. It is as if everything is having a second spring. I just hope it all adjusts soon and the winter doesn’t kill off these out of season flowering plants which will be using up stored reserves.


One thought on “Autumn confusion

  1. My campanula has done exactly the same as yours this year and is still covered in beautiful purple flowers, mine is pretty much a weed in my garden, so I am sure it will survive a frost, as will yours. I love geraniums although I would say mine stopped flowering at the right time. My step-dad is puzzled, his winter jasmine is in full flower, usually flowering Dec-Mar, strange!

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