Another late butterfly

After a morning spent digging on the allotment, I returned home for a cup of coffee. I took it into the garden to enjoy the sun and sat on the bench to recover from my labours. The asters are still blooming, although they are showing signs of going over now, but they were proving to be very attractive to two late flying butterflies.

They are Red Admirals (Vanessa atalanta), a strong flying butterfly that frequently migrates from Europe, although they do overwinter in the UK too. They are relatively common although I haven’t seen that many this year, so it was an added to bonus to have 2 of them in the garden today, both in beautiful, undamaged condition.


4 thoughts on “Another late butterfly

  1. It’s as if you are sticking those butterflies on that plant! In all seriousness though, your two photos being proof that butterflies love asters.

  2. Louise-every pack of aster seeds comes with stick on butterflies! I see what you mean though : ) The plants are smothered with bees this afternoon, but I’ll spare you.

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