Allotment update-Thursday October 25th

Betula jacquemontii, Himalayan white barked birch

Since I last posted about the allotment, we have made terrific progress reclaiming it from the neglect of the last two years. The undug strip now measures 8 feet, meaning that we are within strike of completing the heavy digging. Hooray. But of course, that is only the start really.

We have taken delivery of a pile of cow manure the size of a small car, and the next job is to move it from the dump site by the gate of the allotments to our plot. There are about 5 plots on the whole site where the tractor and trailer cannot dump the stuff straight onto the plot. And yes, you guessed, ours is one of them. One of my optimistic neighbours estimated there were at least 100 barrow loads to move….

On the upside, I have planted 8 raspberry canes to supplement the strawberries, and both redcurrant and blackcurrant bushes. I’m on the lookout now for a pink gooseberry to add to the fruit collection.

On the vegetable front, I have sown a row of broad beans for an early -well May-crop next year. The variety is Aquadulce Claudia. I am wondering how well they will do, because as I prepared their seed bed, loads more couch grass roots came to the surface. I may well of course just be preparing a very fine site to grow couch instead of broad beans! I am removing the ones I see, but I reckon there are plenty more lurking down there, just waiting for the spring.

The weather looks as if the fine days are coming to an end, with rain forecast for the weekend.
Before long these beautiful Japanese maple leaves will fall but for the rest of the winter, we will be able to enjoy the beautiful white bark of the Himalayan birch.


4 thoughts on “Allotment update-Thursday October 25th

  1. Thanks for posting a picture of the beautiful birch bark. It reminded me that my sister and I use to delight pealing of some bark and writing messages with a stitch. Of course, that was only plain Vermont birch wood.

    Your progress on the allotment is coming along so well. I’m glad that you and your husband can tackle this project together. A 100 barrow loads seems like it needs teamwork.

  2. Allotment will be great, I have also got redcurrants and blackcurrants in my garden and I would also love a pink gooseberry. Nice of your neighbour to remind you how much muck you have to spread, I wonder whether he could give you a helping hand? How I love that white bark that peels off like tissue paper, how lovely to have this in your garden. Louise

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