9 barrows down, 91 to go

It rained yesterday-not too much, but enough to send us shopping for birthday presents instead of digging. I made up today, when the sun came out most pleasingly, and I was aided and abetted by DH who is on holiday this week. At the end of a couple of hours labour, we are left with about 4 feet still to turn over-another session or 2 at most should do it. Yippee!

In the picture you can see 2 black plastic bin liners. They contain soot, left on the allotment by the local chimney sweep. (How Dickensian that sounds!) One of my allotment neighbours recommended it to reduce the slug population.

Traditionally soot was abundant and used for this purpose in gardening. I was a bit reluctant to turn down the offer but further research suggests that soot is not used now as it contains toxins harmful to plants ( as well as slugs) and possibly to the person using it. I will discretely dispose of it at the local recycling centre where they can deal with such things safely.

With 2 of us working, I was able to start on reducing the manure heap. 9 barrows have been transported and dug in. You can hardly see the dent I have made in the pile. As I was carting the offering from the cowsheds down to the plot in the wheelbarrow, I imagined next seasons new potatoes. The thought kept me going.

We aim to finish this week, weather permitting, but are away now for a couple of days in Devon. See you on Thursday.


3 thoughts on “9 barrows down, 91 to go

  1. You lucky things, a break in Devon, although you deserve it after all that shovelling! I hope you have a relaxing few days away. Oh and the thought of new potatoes covered in melting butter would keep me going too!

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