At Rosemoor

Halloween pumpkins

We had a very interesting visit to the RHS garden at Rosemoor in North Devon on Wednesday. We have been occasional visitors since it was in its infancy as a public garden and it has been interesting to see how the planting has grown and changed since the early 1990s. Situated in a natural valley, it is already partially sheltered but the many beech and yew hedges have grown up an afford shelter to many tender plants that are marginally hardy or tender in this climate.

Tropical plants in the borders

Calla lilies in the tropical border. There were still flowers open.

Winter garden with grasses

We had particularly wanted to take MiL to see the autumn colours but got caught up for ages in the winter garden, admiring the beautiful forms of the tall perennial grasses, their seed heads nodding against the a backdrop of evergreen hedges or beautiful bark. In due course we reached the lake where the water mirrored the beautiful colours if the trees and the fading waterside plants.

The lake with maple leaves

Autumn colchicums

The garden was a photographers dream. The light was soft and there were so many plants demonstrating stunning colour or form. The colchicums are a favourite of mine-it’s an unusual colour in November and this Chilean prairie grass was right up there in the magnificent category, measuring about 2 feet across and with blue flowers at the base of these red leaves. Its worth clicking the picture to see the little flowers.

Tomorrow I will post some of the bark pictures I took of birches and maples, and a vegetable garden to dream of. It was stunning.


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