At Rosemoor 2

Trees are very important to me. I have a tiny back garden, but still have managed to squeeze four trees into it, and that’s not counting several in pots. The garden is edged by a nine foot high beech hedge, beyond which are a line of sycamores, so there are still more that form part of my boundary. It is beginning to feel like living in a woodland.

At Rosemoor, as well as being attracted to the beautiful, jewel-like colours of the autumn leaves, I loved the bark on some of the maples and birches. Here are just a couple I thought were especially outstanding.

Acer pennsylvaticum
Prunus serrula


There are some stunning pictures of bark here.

As I mentioned yesterday, the gardeners at Rosemoor have also created the most covetable vegetable garden. I was staggered at what was in full production on the last day of October. With the exception of the sub-tropical plants such as aubergines, peppers and tomatoes, just about everything else you might want to eat was there. Look at those lovely lettuces below and in the distance there are rows of cabbages including the ornamental ones, and leeks. The fencing is to keep rabbits off.

In the foreground of the picture above is the leaf of Florence fennel plants, not yet dying down.

I was so impressed. I want my allotment to look like this next year. And I think a few flowers for drying would be nice, as well as fresh ones for the house.

Everlasting flowers hanging up to dry.

I think this scarecrow is just too well dressed for my plot. People might get us confused!


3 thoughts on “At Rosemoor 2

  1. What a beautiful veggie garden! That kind of veggie beauty has alwasy been my goal but I haven’t managed it yet. I don’t think I’ll be doing any of that kind of gardening here in Phoenix… it’s too darn hot! It will be great to see your allotment all set up in the spring.

  2. Thanks for these two posts on Rosemore. My eyes were glued to the photos of the tree bark. I only managed a glance at the vegetable garden, but it looks like it would be inspiring to keep in mind as you work on your allotment.

  3. Love to see your pictures of Rosemoor, somewhere I haven’t yet been but want to go, I have to ration these sorts of places when we go away, as John isn’t so interested in the garden as I am! x

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