Dgging and planting

Viola “Magnifico”

After and hour spent sewing, I decided I needed fresh air and exercise and after a quick trip to buy potting compost, I spent a couple of hours on the allotment moving manure. 15 barrow loads moved from the heap to the plot AND dug in. That’s probably enough ground prepared for the potatoes next spring. It was almost a pleasure to be out in the air, hard labour aside, as the sun warmed me gently and the ground was dry enough to work easily.

On the way home, the happy weather man informed me that I should make the most of the rest of this lovely day, as it was downhill on the weather front for the rest of the week. So despite the untidiness of the house and my sewing calling to me for attention, I lunched on pumpkin and sweet potato soup (lovely) and set about the back garden.

I have been putting off the moment when I dismantle the summer bedding pots as the fuchsias are still flowering, but I have sacrificed a couple of pots and planted them up ready for spring. I have layered alliums and smallish daffodils in the pots and topped them off with either winter flowering pansies or violas so far. I still have tulips to plant and will partner them with Forget- me-Nots.

Not feeling truly creative on the planting front, I set about the mini vegetable patch. I pulled a row of baby carrots for supper, and then pulled the first parsnip I have ever grown, just to see how it looked. It’s looking fine, so will leave the rest to stand until Christmas.

Newly harvested parsnips and baby carrots

I cleared away some self sown lobelia from the plot, and planted half a dozen Tatsoi plants. Tatsoi is a Chinese winter green vegetable-useful as little leaves in salads and left to grow a a bit for stir frying. It’s mildly flavoured. The soil here is gravelly, as it is where the greenhouse used to stand and gravel and sand were used in the construction.


Very close to the Tatosi I have radicchio (Italian chicory) plants growing. I sowed them on June 28th, so they haven’t exactly matured quickly, but they are beginning to heart up nicely and will be good in winter salads. It’s nice to have fresh things still to come from the garden.


One thought on “Dgging and planting

  1. Judith you have been ‘on the go’. Nice to hear what you have been up to, my patch has been a little quiet of late. Your little violas (faces) are lovely, I am more successful with these as my pansies always seem to get an attack of the woodlice. Your allotment soil is going to be very rich in nutrients and you should have a great crop of edibles to show next year on your blog. I have got parsnips, swede and turnips for the next month or so, then really my vegetable patches will be spent until next year. Your salad leaves are very successful, any lettuce etc that I have ever grown have been devoured by slugs/snails. Keep up the good work. x

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