Avebury magic

The modern village of Avebury, not far from where I live, lies in the centre of one of the greatest Neolithic settlement sites in the world.

Older then Stonehenge and to my mind, far more impressive and evocative, the ancient stone Henge and circle are difficult to describe well in words without sounding like a tourist guide or archaeological bulletin. It is one of those places where a visit is far more rewarding than reading about construction processes and speculation about possible usage.

Unlike Stonehenge-exposed, bleakly set and suffering from the very close proximity of the main road close by, Avebury is secluded and nestles more gently in its site.

It is true that two roads pass through the very centre of the site. And that the modern village is largely enclosed within the sacred site. But it is possible to mentally strip away that traffic noise and what remains is a place of great peace.

Ancient stone, modern house

The light was unbelievable when we visited this afternoon. Dark rain clouds loomed away to the east but the low sun shone from beneath below the cloud, picking out details in sky, trees and structures, and helping to create the sense of this being a very special place. It was far more atmospheric on this November visit than I have known it to be on sunny summer days.

Tom seated on a niche in one of the stones, wearing Remembrance Day poppy.

Long shadows, large stones, loved ones.

As we were walking back to the car, the rain began to fall lightly, and a rainbow formed. So beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Avebury magic

  1. Hi Judith, I always enjoy these sort of outings, and like you whatever the weather doesn’t make a difference to us, we will be out come rain or shine. You can never tire of seeing a rainbow either. Glad you managed in your busy allotment/sewing schedule to spend some time with your family, we never make enough time for this sort of enjoyment. Louise x

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