During my garden tidy yesterday, I moved the potted mints and couldn’t resist brushing my hands over the leaves. Even at this time of year they have a fragrance, although they are dying back now, preparing to go into winter dormancy. I have 2 main varieties-an apple mint, and a fabulously aromatic eau de Cologne mint. The apple mint seeds reasonably freely and I pulled several pieces out of the vegetable garden where they had already established a good root system. I like to keep them under control, as mint is a very vigorous plant. I also find that if they are kept in a pot, they use up the nutrients in the soil fairly quickly and then look at you sulkily until you just have to repot them! Mine rewarded me with a very long season of leaves this year because I did repot them.

The main reason for posting the mint picture was because this afternoon I managed to get up to the allotment and amongst other things, I prepared a shallow trench and sowed peas. I chose a dwarf, winter hardy variety-Meteor. The packet promise me peas in May. The mint will be ready by then. Mmmmmm……buttered peas cooked with a sprig of mint.


4 thoughts on “Mmmmm…

  1. I love mint too and I only keep mine in pots, as you say they have a habit of running all over the place. Isn’t it interesting all the different fragrances they come in, have you ever rubbed the eau de cologne one? Yes mint is great with buttered peas and I always have a good dollop on a lamb chop too! x

  2. The eau de cologne mint smells exactly of that! The label suggests adding a handful to a hot bath. I will try that next year when the plant has bulked up a bit. Do you have other fragrances, Louise?

  3. I have only got the run of the mill mint and apple mint, although I have often been tempted to buy some more fragrances, maybe I shall for next summer. x

  4. I have lemon mint absolutely everywhere….no pots for these guys! Way too late for that….
    It acts as a soporific….one night when I couldn’t sleep, Robert brewed me a cupful as tea and my goodness, it knocked me out for 10 hours!

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