A milestone reached.

Image from www. frenchgardening.com

I don’t think I have ever made a posting without a picture, but I keep forgetting to take my camera with me to the allotment. So today, thankfully without the benefit of “smellyvision“, we have a pile of cow manure, by way of celebration.

I took the advantage of a bright day yesterday to go and look at the allotment, to check on the progress of the broad beans and to see if there was any sign of the peas, sown on November 23rd, yet-there wasn’t. The beans seemed to be happy under their covering of fleece, but growth is slow. The southern boundary of my plot is lined by very tall conifers in the garden of the neighbouring house, and as the sun is so low in the sky now, the beans are not receiving any direct sunlight. The situation will not improve until next spring. I am going to spring sow some broad beans as a comparison, to see if there is any advantage to an autumn sown crop.

Of course, next year I can choose a position further up the slope to sow winter vegetables, where the sun does shine. And why will I be able to do this? Because yesterday, after my crop inspection, I finished levelling the last part of the plot and barrowing more manure to spread on the surface. Its now all dug over and the newly cultivated area has either had manure dug in or spread on the surface. Yippee! So far ahead of the original schedule. I hope to be able to post pictures soon-before and after. So a celebration of some sort is called for. A hot bath to ease the aching shoulders, followed by a nice glass of wine. Cheers.


3 thoughts on “A milestone reached.

  1. Cheers indeed!
    I love how you are carrying your gardening season so late into the year.
    Brrr! Too cold and wet for that here…that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!
    (I do need to move a couple roses when we get a nice sunny day, however.)

  2. Hi Judith, lucky you got on the allotment on Friday, I guess you have had the same weather as us over the weekend, wet ‘n windy. What a way to celebrate with a good old pile of manure, I hope your bottle of wine didn’t have the same bouquet! x

  3. The wine was lovely and I thought of both of you while I drank a glass, and yes, the weather was pretty foul over the weekend! I knew it was going to be wet and that is why I wanted to get onto the ground before it was too wet to work.

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