Christmas in the cloisters

Beautiful Lacock Abbey (location for much of the filming of Cranford, if anyone is watching it) was the venue of a Christmas market entitled “Christmas in the Cloisters” over the weekend. Saturday was a truly dire day, weather wise, but yesterday it was clear enough for us to visit.

Many independent stalls, selling a wide variety of Christmas goodies, had been set up in the cloisters of the Abbey and a large marquee had been pitched in front of it.There were plenty of traditional toy stalls-featuring wooden pirate ships and Noah’s arks, amongst other things, many jewellery and bag stalls, stalls selling Christmas decorations and a wide range of stalls selling local and not so local food delicacies.

We spent some time at this one, selling a wide variety of bee related products-beeswax candles and soaps, hand creams, decorations and of course, honey. The bees are kept on the hill overlooking the Abbey, so it doesn’t get much more local than that.

But this stall was stocked with products from Istanbul, notably Turkish Delight! After sampling a delicious piece of rose flavoured TD, we bought a box ready for Christmas. I was quite attracted by the lovely patchwork quilts on display too. The one behind the stall was made of heavy, furnishing weight fabrics and very good value at £55, although I didn’t buy one.

Some of the architectural details had been decorated with holly and ivy, like this ivy wrapped around the top of a column, and like the evergreen wreath set into a detail of the stonework above this door.

In the marquee, a local choir was singing carols. It felt like a lovely way to start the lead up to Christmas. What with that, my advent candle for lighting in the evenings and with Louise’s reminder about posting Christmas cards, I feel that the festive season is rapidly approaching.


5 thoughts on “Christmas in the cloisters

  1. Hello Judith, what a surprise to see my name at the end of your post, thanks so much for thinking about me. I would have loved to have watched Cranford, but I didn’t because I thought we would be away over December and I would miss the finale, let’s hope the beeb repeat it in the future, I really enjoy costume dramas. The Christmas market in Lacock Abbey looks terrific, I would have loved a mooch around there, not a huge fan of turkish delight but would have tried some, and that quilt seems, to someone who doesn’t sew, very good value indeed. I love the photo of the ivy wrapped around the column, that was a lovely image to capture. The weather down here today is wet and very windy again, I just don’t know when I am going to be able to get out in the garden, I still have tidying to do from the summer! x

  2. Love the pictures! I live just a few miles away from Lacock and visit it frequently. However, I missed Christmas in the Cloisters as I was away in Yorkshire at the time. Thanks for capturing the spirit of the event!

  3. This looks like such fun! What a setting for a Christmas market… I love the way they have decorated with greenery. Thanks for the tour!

  4. I enjoyed Christmas in the Cloisters-seemed like a good way to get into the festive spirit. Glad you could all come along.
    VP-thanks for visiting my blog. We must actually be neighbours in this town.

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