Winter light

Shadow of lantern in the gateway to St. John’s church, Devizes, taken mid afternoon.

It was such a a cold day today-the first time this winter I have been outside and the cold has seeped into my bones. But along with the cold came the most amazingly beautiful blue sky and winter sunshine that has such a particular quality. It looks cold despite the brightness; the light has a diamond edged brightness.

Tower Lee cottage, Devizes with castle in the background

Both of these pictures were taken in the churchyard of St John the Baptist in Devizes this afternoon. Inside, an orchestra were rehearsing Christmas carols, and then a beautiful voice sang Pie Jesu, the notes hovering on the air.


2 thoughts on “Winter light

  1. It’s true, the air can be so clear in winter! I think it is just too cold for any haze….that shadow made by the hanging light was so sharply defined!
    It is the same here in the Northwest…only on those cold, clear, windy days can we see (from the proper vantage point on a bridge spanning the Columbia River) Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Ranier, and Mt. Adams, all our snowy volcanic peaks. It is an inspiring sight.

  2. I love Pie Jesu, and your pictures are really good, what beautiful subjects to take, well done for catching the shadow. x

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