Red Cabbage

Can you tell I am an organic gardener? I sowed the seed of this variety of red cabbage-it’s called Kalibos- on April 5th and hoped at the time it would be ready for harvest at Christmas. And it is! In fact, it has been ready for some time, so I don’t quite know how this and several fellows will eat.
I sowed the leeks in the background at the same time, and they are ready too. I am just waiting on the arrival of family, so they make the appropriate “ooh” and “aahh” noises when I first harvest and then cook the above beauties. Not sure if beauty is the right word, but hey, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and they certainly are a good colour.


One thought on “Red Cabbage

  1. Well done, Judith!
    That cabbage/potato/leek soup over on Albion cooks might be a good use for some of this gorgeous food.

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