Red letter Day-no holly in sight today!

It’s my wedding anniversary. And my husband’s, of course. So that’s the first red letter part of the day! In case you’re curious-it’s 32 years and I swear I was almost a child bride. In that picture above we were both 20 and I think my hair was shorter than his. And to celebrate, Marks and Spencer’s have provided dinner-this is not just an anniversary meal, this is a Marks & Spencer anniversary meal-all in the UK will get the joke. I expect a bottle of something nice will go with it.

Second part of the red letter day-I did my last shift at work until after the New Year so can now finish the house preparations, ready for Laura coming home on Sunday. Yippee!

Third part- let us down on the present front, so after work, I made a quick trip to Bath, and managed to get the 3 presents Amazon can’t deliver until January. It’s disappointing this time, but on the whole they have been pretty reliable in the past. Note for next year-order in October!

So all gifts bar one are bought now and there is just the food to think about. Tomorrow I will enjoy creating menus and making lists and over the weekend, shopping. I imagine the farm shop will do some trade from us over the next few days.


4 thoughts on “Red letter Day-no holly in sight today!

  1. Happy Anniversary to you both, and so many years together. I loved the photo when I saw it, you both were very young, and great fashions. My experience of Amazon has been good, although one time I ordered a book, a present for my brother, I kept looking in at the status of order, and it just wasn’t available, in the end I cancelled the order. Have you tried the Book Depository, their books are good value and free postage. I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family Judith, and I would like to thank you, you left the very first comment on my blog, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be where I am now, I am eternally grateful! Louise x

  2. An utterly charming picture!
    Somehow it is reminding me of my son Max and his girlfriend Esther…I would be so happy if they carved out a beautiful life together as you two have….

  3. Thank you all so much-we had a lovely celebration.
    The photo was taken when we were both students at University in Liverpool-this copy is a digital photo of the original 4 inch square one!I made after I saw you picture of Esther and Max, Allie-I guess I saw the similarity too. I wish them both all the joy in the world.
    It has been great meeting you people this year. May all these good blogging friendships continue into next year.

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