Today is the shortest day, the winter solstice, when for us Northern hemisphere dwellers the sun is at its most southerly point and there are fewest daylight hours. To those in the south, this is obviously reversed. So as far as I’m concerned, it’s nearly Spring!

In Celtic mythology, today is the day when the Holly King , ruler of the year from Midsummer to Midwinter was defeated by the Oak King, symbol of the new year and the returning sun . I read that the Holly King was associated with wrens, and the Oak King with robins, 2 little birds that are regular visitors to the garden.

And today, the robins have been singing, as I prepare for the arrival of the family and start clearing out debris-early spring cleaning. And now the candles are lit, the lights are on the Christmas tree, and the house is scented with cinnamon, oranges and cloves.


2 thoughts on “Solstice

  1. I was so glad to see the Solstice come around! We’re on the downward pitch to spring, hurray! I hate it when it gets dark so early!

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