Three goldfinches..and a joyful season to you all.

Looking out of the kitchen window this morning, we were rewarded with this glorious sight-three goldfinches feeding on the seed heads of Verbena bonariensis, only 4 feet from the house. If I had cut this down after flowering, I would not have seen these charming little birds. It really doesn’t pay to be too tidy in the garden in the autumn.

Yesterday I pruned the apple and pear trees whilst they stand dormant and washed the bark of the white Himalayan birch-my last chores in the garden for a while. It really does seem like a time for sleeping now.

And that is my final posting for a little while. The family will be home soon and we will hibernate for a few days together. I wish everyone the most peaceful season and may joy be to you and yours and a Happy New Year to you all.


5 thoughts on “Three goldfinches..and a joyful season to you all.

  1. oh goldfinches are one of my favourite birds, they really are charming. Your photo is excellent! have a wonderful holiday!

  2. What a lovely sight the goldfinches are, I have never seen a goldfinch in our garden, you are so lucky to have them in yours. Enjoy your hibernation Judith, let’s hope you come back out in January! x

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