Christmas lunch, sun shining through the patio doors illuminating the olive tree.

Some years back I made a resolution not to make New Year resolutions and up to now I have kept it! So I guess what follows is more of an active lifestyle choice rather than a resolution.

I had already decided to try and reduce my car usage still further, and with the announcement earlier today that the price of crude oil has now reached 100 dollars a barrel, it’s probably going to be a good one. I am going aim to have 3 car free days each week this year, and on those days, walk where I need to go. This is in addition to the walking for pleasure we will be doing as soon as the weather improves a bit.

I am also going to aim to have 2 “no purse” days in a bid to reduce consumption on those fripperies that are usually not important, as part of my attempt to make less of an impact on the planet. I am hoping that not having my purse will help me with my 3rd lifestyle choice of not accepting a plastic carrier bag at all this year. I have been using jute bags for grocery shopping for over a year now and have started carrying my handbag in a larger tote when I go out “just in case”.

My last piece of environmental action has been to sign up to The Guardian’s Tread Lightly campaign. Each week there is a pledge to take which will reduce the amount of carbon produced. The pledges are sensible and a great way of thinking about ways to make less impact on the planet. The first pledge is to reduce the amount of post Christmas waste thrown out. And tomorrow, when I take down the Christmas tree, I shall be setting about it with the loppers and secateurs so it can be recycled with the green waste. Unless it’s snowing! When it will keep for another day!

So, I’m off to put off the unnecessary lights and settle down to an evening with my sketchbook, a no electricity gadget.


3 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. What an inviting “table scene” begins your post!

    Your resolutions are commendable. Mine are of a much more personal nature…but along the lines you mention, I certainly would like to grow more of our own food this year. Packaging and transport of commerically grown food (as opposed to organically produced) probably has more environmental impact than autos….

    Anyway, bravo to you and Happy New Year!!!

  2. Hi Judith – welcome back from hibernation! I bet you had a good time…

    Snap on the environmentally based resolution. I’m going to have a reduce my carbon footprint as a New Life’s Resolution and am currently putting togther some resources so that I can blog about it. You’ve come up with some nice, simple, achievable steps, so well done.

    On the Xmas tree front, you’re welcome to come and use my shredder if you want to make some mulch from the thinner branches. I’ve already bagged my neighbour’s tree to do this. The thicker bits will make some wildlife habitat logpiles.

  3. excellent resolutions! I can’t drive a car and carry two fabric carriers in my handbag all the time! Apart from books and food, I really don’t actually buy much at all.

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