It may be January, but…

..there are daffodils making a brave show under the apple tree. This is such a sheltered spot, with a box hedge on three sides and the beech garden boundary on the fourth. I planted 2 apple trees in this space a “family” tree that bears Worcester’s, Cox’s Orange Pippins and Golden Delicious, and a lovely red variety called Red Devil. We planted the daffodils in the first spring we were here-so that’s 1995- and they have been a wonderful sight every spring. The variety is Cornish Gold. They do seem to be getting earlier and are further on this year than the snowdrops that are planted a few feet away. I’m so looking forward to seeing the first bulb flowers.


4 thoughts on “It may be January, but…

  1. I love daffodils… my very favorite flower… it’s always so exciting to find the first shoots poking through the leaves in the spring!

  2. My goodness I can’t believe how advanced these daffodils are, let us know when they are fully out in flower? x

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