Plastic bags Good news

I do like the think that the actions of the few can be effective, but so much better when the action is taken by many. I was so encouraged by these 2 news stories, one from China and one from Australia, both of whose governments are taking action to stop the indiscriminate giving away of plastic bags. With thanks to Laura for the China story link.


4 thoughts on “Plastic bags Good news

  1. Hi Judith,

    Don’t forget good old Ireland. They’ve been charging for plastic bags in shops since 2003. Needless to say, plastic bag usage went down by over 80% overnight. It was a bit of a shock to the system when I first went over there in 2003, but since then I’ve carried a reusable bag with me wherever I go. I used to like Sainsbury’s approach too – they used to give you 1p for each reused bag, which I then put in the charity tin on the way out. Sadly they’ve dropped this policy – well worth reviving don’t you think?

  2. I think a good start would be to charge for plastic bags, I know when I am in Lidl, I refuse to pay for them, and carry out my items in a cardboard box. By charging, it would make everyone think twice about taking the easy option of a plastic carrier bag. x

  3. I agree with the chraging for the bags Louise. I just bought a book and had to argue with the cashier about not having a bag! She told me my action would make no difference. I disgreed!
    Thanks for reminding me about Ireland VP. I must do some serious research on the energy savings-the girl in the bookshop was adamant it won’t reduce our carbon footprint.Anyone know of a good information source about the benefits or otherwise of recycling?

  4. That shop assistant is talking rubbish! Flighty gave me the blog address below when I started posting about plastic recycling. She may have the answer you’re looking for. I’m using her site as one of my references as I continue in my quest to reduce my plastic footprint!

    I’m also making some progress re carton recycling and will be posting about it later this week.

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