Early snowdrops.

Often called fair maids of February, this little clump of snowdrops opened in my south facing back garden at some point over the weekend. We have been visiting North Devon and it was a joy to return to these little fellows.

I was inspired by a gap in the rain clouds to go and dredge some debris out of my pond, as my first spring clearance of the year. Down in North Devon I saw frogspawn in MIL’s pond, and guess it wont be too long before the frogs are busy here too. There was definite forwardness to the season there. Wild daffodils were in flower and there were plenty of tiny lambs, although goodness only knows how they will fare in this deluging spell we are in. I know they can cope with some degree of cold, but endless rain is probably not too good for a new lamb.


3 thoughts on “Early snowdrops.

  1. Oh oh oh! Your Fair Maids are early! Lucky you…
    We have a wild pond (untended, springfed, and tiny) at the bottom of our pasture, and I am just waiting for the Pacific Chorus frogs to crank up down there. It won’t be long now until the night is filled with a many thousand voiced choir that sings like a beating heart….

  2. These are lovely Judith and as usual you’ve given me a little education with your post. I didn’t know about ‘Fair Maids of February’, though January would be more apt now…

  3. I always love the moment when the snowdrops break through the soil, they really are little beauties. I haven’t been able to get outside today to see if my very few are coming through, I am sceptical, as I noticed one clump didn’t come up last year? Today’s weather has been atrocious, but hopefully if we get a dry interval tomorrow I shall get out there to investigate. x

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