The river runs high

I took my camera with me this morning when I went to work, hoping to capture the river in spate. The sun was shining on a cold bright morning-in fact there was a touch of ice on the car after a chilly night.

The river was very high- I have never seen so much water in it in the thirteen odd years we have lived here. There was 6 inches of clearance under the bridge on the far side and the water was lapping over the footpath to the park.

I went a little closer and the swans came to see if I had food-I hadn’t. I thought they made a charming picture, swimming round the litter bin.

By the time I came home the water level had fallen little and there has only been a little rain today. Unfortunately, more heavy rain is forecast over the next few days. I’ll keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “The river runs high

  1. Hope that bridge holds up o.k.!

    I had to laugh…the water is the same color as our Washougal River’s after a ton of rain…

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