Allotment view for January

General view for January 2008

I made my first trip up the allotment this morning as it has stopped raining briefly. I wanted to check what state it was in as I haven’t been to see the plot for several weeks. The soil where it hasn’t got a manure topping is looking very rain compacted, especially around the strawberries. I will hoe the patch when it dries out and give the plants a spring fertiliser boost next month.

The broad beans are reasonably sturdy but as they are in shade, are not growing as quickly as I had hoped. I have removed the horticultural fleece now. I must take some slug pellets next time-something is snacking happily on them. I will give them a bit of a feed next month too.

There are a few peas (Meteor) through now, but I suspect they too are suffering from being in the shade.

Apart from that and the Japanese onions, there is not much to report. I have nice sturdy garlic plants in pots at home waiting for the soil to dry out a little before I can plant anything onto the plot. And at home, I have set out the first of my seed potatoes, an early variety, Lady Christie, in old egg boxes to chit.

I spent an hour or so tidying up in the garden at home, cutting back some perennials so the early bulbs can be seen more easily.

There is plenty to do, but weather breaks are few and far between this month. Plus, I have finally succumbed to a fairly hefty head cold, so am lacking in energy too!


3 thoughts on “Allotment view for January

  1. Get better soon!

    You’re putting me to shame – I should have gone to the allotment, but decided on a nice long walk instead. It was so nice to be outdoors wasn’t it?

    I got wolf whistled by some men from NWDC who’re tidying up our end of the estate at the moment. I almost turned round to tell them they needed their eyes testing, but decided to take it as a compliment instead 🙂

  2. Thanks for your good wishes Michelle. I DIDN’T get wolf whistled by the council men at my end of the estate. That tells a story doesn’t it??
    :> 0
    Your walk sounds good. I didn’t achieve anything on the allotment.

  3. Such a nice big garden for your veggies! The rains sometimes hinder more than they help, don’t they? Can’t wait to see it all filled up and beautiful!

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