Aconites and poetry

I don’t grow aconites-don’t really know why- but not far from the house, the developers planted swathes of aconites and snowdrops under the birch trees that mark the entrance to the development. Over the years, the snowdrops have declined, but the aconites are still blooming reliably, flowering ahead of the daffodils.

To go with them, I though I would add a couple of lines from a poem I discovered for the first time today, by Geoffrey Hill. (I have to add, I wasn’t aware of the poet either, which after I read the Wikipedia entry, makes me feel very ignorant.)

“nomadic aconites
that in their trek recover beautifully
our sense of place,”

I found the poem on The Magpie Files and loved the lines about February, which may appear in February! I’m not sure the about a sense of place, but I thoroughly understand the nomadic reference.


2 thoughts on “Aconites and poetry

  1. Aha – I also saw these today and thought of you as you mentioned them last week! I wonder if the grass is cut too early before the snowdrops have stored enough energy in their bulbs?

    Wasn’t it just glorious today? Had a lovely hour and half up at the allotment…

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