Garden Birdwatch update

I was up and about on Saturday morning to take part in the Garden Birdwatch. I though I would catch the early shift and started watching at 8.00 a.m. It was quite a murky morning and was difficult at a distance to tell apart the sparrows from the female chaffinches!

The count supported what I expected from recent observations-there are fewer Greenfinches, blue tits and long tailed tits about in the recent few week than there were before Christmas. And oddly, I managed a whole hour without starlings, although this morning there are several about. And with great cunning the resident garden wren waited until the results were submitted to the RSPB before appearing! That’s wrens for you.

My birdwatch turned into cat watch in the middle when I was forced to eject someone’s large black moggy from my garden. May have had a bearing in the results.

In the hour I spotted-
House Sparrow -5
Great tit-1

Its interesting that many of the birds have already paired up. A pair of blackbirds have already declared the garden their territory and yesterday I watched the female checking out the ivy around the patio doors as a possible nest site. And the robins always come as a pair at present.


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