The Glory of the Garden part 2

I was reading over at Veg Plotting a poem Rudyard Kipling wrote about the garden in 1911, in her post entitled The Glory of the Garden. As Michelle says, it evokes a time long ago., and to modern ears is dated, but it still has the power to bring to life and to mind that period.

It was written at the time called the Edwardian Summer-in the relative peace and prosperity of England before the Great War, with all the pain and cynicism that brought. I have always loved Kipling-his Just So stories illuminated my childhood, along with Aesop’s Fables. I’m sure both contributed to my ongoing love affair with all things natural.

But the other reason it chimed with me was because the poem was published in 1911 and in the picture at the top, there are my grandparents, (2nd row back, centre) on their Wedding Day in 1911. And my grandfather was a gardener, the kind referred to in the poem, who would have been on his hands and knees tending the crops and flowers. And I get the love of gardening and the garden from him and from his fathers, who were all poor sons of the soil.

So thanks Michelle for the reminder about past glories and our connection to them. And to present ones too.


One thought on “The Glory of the Garden part 2

  1. That is so lovely Judith – right from the heart. And I love the photo – the ladies’ hats look like wedding cakes themselves don’t they?

    I’ll put a link back to you now…

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