Anemones and sunshine

As promised, here is a glimpse of the lovely blue anemones. There are several out now and many more to come, but the main clump is still to flower-this one is a straggler.

Today- a real touch of Spring arrived from the West, with warmth in the sun and yours truly in pruning mode after a morning at work. Two ramblers and 2 clematis done whilst a blackbird serenaded me. It was good to be outside and I have now started to make a list of the jobs that need doing. Tomorrow I will feed the roses and clematis and top dress them with manure, and plant a clematis from its pot into the ground. I need to clear and prepare the home vegetable beds for some seed sowing and if the weather holds, as it promises to, I hope to get to the allotment early next week to get the garlic in.

It was astonishing how quickly the sun brought the daffodils into flower-they have been in suspended bud mode for a few days, but a kiss from the sun, and here they are. Like the daffodils, I respond to kisses from the sun at this time of year too! It’s the first time I have felt halfway human for weeks!

Daffodil “Cornish Gold”

Dwarf daffodil “Tete a Tete”

Iris Reticulata

My favourite garden colour scheme -blue and gold.

2 thoughts on “Anemones and sunshine

  1. I love this Anemone … and the Daffodils … and the Iris reticulata.

    It was good to read of your gardening today. I am so wanting to be digging in the garden, but it is buried under heaps of snow.

  2. Brr-sounds so cold Kate. We are so lucky with the general mildness of our climate-something is in flower all year round here, and growth seldom stops.Still-your spring is not far away now.

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