Seville sunshine-or Marmalade, as we call it.

After my triumph last year with making marmalade -goodness, back in the days before I blogged, I repeated the experiment today.

In the UK, Seville oranges (Citrus aurantium)– the bitter, rather dry kind that are just the very best marmalade oranges, have a very short season-from December to February. I waited and waited for them to appear in the supermarkets-but nothing happened, but a few days ago I tracked some down in the local farm shop. They were like miniature Spanish suns and I was reminded of one visit to Seville when we parked the car under orange trees and walked over the fallen fruit, so heavily laden were the trees. It was such a hot day.

The recipe is very easy and the ingredients simple, oranges, a lemon and sugar and if anyone wants it, I’ll post it. It is a bit time consuming as the peel needs to be cut into very thin slivers, but now, we have another few jars to keep us going for the rest of the year. And the flavour will be better than ANY commercially made product. Bottled sunshine.


4 thoughts on “Seville sunshine-or Marmalade, as we call it.

  1. Hi Judith, one day I shall get around to making preserves, my mum used to find time, although I don’t know from where? Maybe we may see a photo of the finished product with a posh label on? x

  2. Thanks for the suggestion This is my Patch-I have obliged.
    And thank you for the honourable mention Kate-I appreciate it very much.

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