The progress of Spring

February Collage

Looking out of the window in the morning now I can see that the birch tree monochrome is gradually becoming spangled with little green flashes, where the hawthorn is unfurling its new leaves. Last week the buds began to burst and now proper little leaves are fluttering in the wind.

In the back garden, the larger daffodils are opening and the little February Gold and Tete a Tete are in full bloom, although sadly, the earliest snowdrops are beginning to go over already. Down in the pond, more frogs have joined the first pair-I counted 5 pairs this morning although there is still no spawn. Last year there was spawn by the 20th of February.

I sowed seeds today-violas, statice, the first few marigolds and borage-anticipating hot summer days with a pitcher of chilled Pimms, decorated with the sapphire flowers of borage. The seedlings were placed on a window sill in an unheated bedroom, carefully covered to keep them moist. On the allotment I planted some onion sets , next to the garlic and left space for some shallots. That’s the onion family almost sorted out, although I need to sort out an area for the leeks .

My next job is to prepare a patch to sow parsnips-they seemed to benefit last year from a long growing season.


4 thoughts on “The progress of Spring

  1. Spring is early in your area – you must be a month ahead of us. Here, we can only see the leaves of the daffodils. The snowdrops are at its best at the moment.
    Have a nice week! /Katarina

  2. It is amazing how far advanced spring is there. I was just out for a walk and thinking -4c seemed really warm. The trees were covered in snow.

    The chilled Pimms on a hot July’s day sounds most excellent!

  3. I am a huge fan of statice which I grew from seed, I also have borage which I originally grew from seed, but now self-seeds all over the garden, I am forever pulling it up, I don’t even drink Pimms! I shall sow some marigolds for the summer, but not viola, I am afraid I have been lazy and bought a tray of them this morning. x

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