March winds

I worried about the roof last night as the Westerly blew, announcing the arrival of March. I worried about the new daffodils that seem to meet and greet the March winds every year.
I wandered about in poetic vein at 3 am, the rafters creaking. This is what accompanied my thoughts.

March roared in-
a warrior gloved and shod in steel.
And in the dawning light
St David’s standards lay
strewn on the battlefield of David’s Day.

But to my delight, the daffodils survived the onslaught of the west wind and greeted St David’s Day with heads held high.

Daffodil Jetfire

5 thoughts on “March winds

  1. Glad to see everything’s OK Judith – I was worried about you at the top of the hill at 2am this morning. It was quite a night wasn’t it!

  2. We were warned that a storm was approaching . It’s been windy here but no storm (yet). I’m glad your’re okay. Have a nice Sunday! /Katarina

  3. You have daffodils to worry about we are still 2 months away from Daffs here

    Steve From
    The Power Gardeners Guide

  4. There is nothing like a clump of daffodils to put a spring in your step. Driving along the roadside at this time of year is a real pleasure, there are carpets of them everywhere, soon to be replaced by the lovely bluebell. x

  5. Daffodils are such joy bringers! It really feels like spring when that colour appears. We noticed plenty of wild cherry and plum and blackthorn blossom out in the hedgerows yesterday too. England is definitely putting on its Spring garb. Not long until it happens everywhere in the Northern hemisphere now.

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