A tiny annual miracle

Here it is! The first frog spawn in the pond for this year. I don’t think I will ever lose my delight at finding this tiny manifestation of creation .

Freshly laid spawn is much firmer than when it has been in the water for a few days. It sits proud of the surface, before slowly sinking as water is absorbed through the cell walls.

In this early stage it is quite vulnerable to frost damage and we have a couple of very cold nights(by Southern England standards) forecast. I may take a very small quantity of the spawn and raise it in an aquarium in a sheltered part of the garden. The tadpoles can be released back into the pond later on, but I may be able to prevent all being killed by frost. And it will be fun to watch it develop, because I am still big kid when it comes to things like this!


5 thoughts on “A tiny annual miracle

  1. we saw our first frog spawn on the mountain last weekend (very early) – but by this weekend it was all dying – due to frost. Strange season we are having!

  2. How exciting! I haven’t seen frog spawn since I was a child. I would have loved to have a pond like that! Good for the frogs that you take such good care of them! /Katarina

  3. That would be fun to watch. I brought caterpillars inside and watched the metamorphosis. It was magnificent to hold the butterfly. I hope I never loose the childlike fascination of seeing that happen.

  4. A good idea of yours Judith, it may guarantee some of the frogspawn turning into tiny froglets. Don’t forget to update us in a month or so. x

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