No stopping the spring now

Daffodil White Lion

Winds and rains are blowing in from the west-the mild quarter. In between the showers the sun is warm enough to encourage rapid growth. The seedlings I sowed indoors last week are well through now and in the garden , summer perennials are pushing through the layer of mulch I spread on the beds. Pink peony shoots, ripe with the promise of rich flowers, fresh green poppy leaves.

The daffodils are at their finest right now. Particularly fine are the variety “White Lion” , manes glittering in the sunshine and sweet of scent.


6 thoughts on “No stopping the spring now

  1. The white lion daffodil is stunning, not a variety I have come across, I really love it. I have peonies in my garden, and I like them at the pink shoot stage, more than when they are in full bloom! x

  2. Is that thing as big as it looks?! I mean is it actually as big as a baby’s head?

    That is lovely. Great job!

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