parrot feathers!

Well after the lovely comments you ladies left me, how can I not continue? So I present you with a gift of colour.

This is a tulip and I think the variety is Texas Flame. I adore the gaudiness of these flowers. I don’t always like my flowers flamboyant-especially in my own garden, but I have a real soft spot for these extravagant tulips. I understand completely why there was tulip mania in the seventeenth century, and huge sums of money were paid for tulip bulbs. Who would be able to resist, if you belonged to the aristocracy?

These “flamed” tulips, are sometimes called Rembrandt tulips after the Dutch artist and although he didn’t paint them, other seventeenth century Dutch artists did.

The bi-colouration was initially the result of the plants being infected by tulip mosaic virus which caused the solid colours to “break”, but now they are more likely to result from the experiments plant breeding . However they are caused, I always think they resemble parrots’ feathers.
If you click on the lower picture, you will see a tiny spider on the top petal. It must be my signature creature.


2 thoughts on “parrot feathers!

  1. Thank you a very kind repayment, indeed. I wish I could stitch up these beautiful colors. I love the swirls and “tatters” of the edges.


  2. That spider sure knows how to decorate! Judith I stumbled across you again on your old blog? x

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