broad bean update

Picked on the small side-the beans were barely larger than peas-this is the first crop taken from the allotment that I sowed last autumn, (October 25th to be precise) and posted about here. This is the variety Aquadulce Claudia. The winter took its toll on the plants and I lost a few-since replaced by a spring sowing of Masterpiece which have matched them already in height but certainly lag behind these in productuon of pods. I shall grow these again this autumn so early crops can be enjoyed next year. They were delicious.

I took the tops out a few days ago as the dreaded blackfly had struck, and with luck that will have done the trick. Yesterday I was given some seed of the short pod variety, Windsor green Imperial and I have just sown that too. I’m hoping for a crop in the autumn off these, if the seed has remained fresh.

I am going through the posts I transferred over from my Blogger blog, recategorising some of them, with the intention of eventually having a sort of vegetable planting and growing calendar in place. It will take a while, by like all things in gardening, it’s a work in progress. I’m trying to reduce that huge Uncategorized label in the category cloud!


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