summer garden

A post with pretty flowers today. I have been rushing around like a fool for the last few days trying to catch up with a fortnight’s worth of chores, following our lovely holiday. More chores today, but good progress, so the chance to just catch my breath and smell the flowers,,,,

The rose (Fantin Latour) and the honeysuckle, (Graham Thomas) both have the most delicious perfume-better than anything you can buy in a bottle. I wish I could share it with you.

The foxgloves-all self seeded plants of the Excelsior group are looking wonderful. Last week I visited the Botanic Nursery with VP, partly to look at their collection and partly to add to mine. The flowers are late this year and they had few in full bloom, but I acquired Digitalis ferruginea- a biennial, 6 foot high rusty flowered specimen. This time next year, all being well , there will be flowers to photograph.


6 thoughts on “summer garden

  1. That must be your white Dame’s Rocket next to your digitalis in the picture. It is so neat that we share the same flowers in our gardens, half a world apart.

    I planted a tiny little stick this spring that I hope will turn into a honeysuckle vine over the railing by our entryway. I watch it’s progress every day…

  2. I got a whiff of our honeysuckle this afternoon, it grows all through our hedges. I really love the perfume. I have got the two very same colour foxgloves as you, although not so many around the garden this year. I hope some seedlings flower next year? x

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