I can’t think why it took me so many years to discover what a wonderful plant this is. The first bulbs of Allium christophii -the Star of Persia -were planted last year and they did well in the wet summer. This year they have done equally well. I added more bulbs in my south facing border this year and they are thriving there, blending harmoniously with the white Sweet rocket (Hesperis matronalis)

The flowers have a wonderful architectural quality and are such an unusual metallic purple/gun metal blue. There is the added bonus that when the flowers are finished, the seed heads are wonderful for cutting and last all winter as an indoor decoration. A plant of great garden merit, I think, that earns its place in a small or indeed, any sized garden.


5 thoughts on “fireworks

  1. Rats beaten to it again – and it was going to have fireworks in the title! Hmm will have to go away and think of a different angle. A lovely post though and thanks for coffee and biccies in the garden today!

  2. Judith – the first time I posted the above comment, I got this in response and had to submit a second time:

    You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.


  3. I love alliums and this is my favourite one – the colour is gorgeous. I don’t think I can get this one to grow in my garden, but I have four other varieties that love it here.

  4. I was only discussing the other evening with a friend what great value for money you get with Allium Christophii. I have three in my garden, they come up without fail just as good every year. They really are like exploding fireworks and as you say leave the seedheads in your garden over winter and they look great. I love white Sweet Rocket too, the scent is lovely and they look great in the evening light. x

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