proud 2

If you are a reader of my other blog, you will know that I have been very busy this summer. It has been so wonderful and I now have a backlog of interesting pictures and musings for you. Over the next few days, with another break this weekend, I will try to entertain and inform you of some of the things I have seen recently that have made me smile, ponder, wonder and admire.

Before I start, I just want add that I have been reading my favourite blogs as often as I can and although I may not have left any comments, I still love the writing I find there. I haven’t imported my blogroll from the old blog, but I will do so as I tinker with this blog a little more.

This post is titled proud 2 , a reference to the post on Threadspider’s weblog I put up yesterday. I started gardening when I was very little and haven’t ever really stopped. When the children were little they pottered about in the garden, playing and sometimes helping. They even had little areas in this garden when we first moved here that “belonged” to them. Neither has been especially keen on gardening-being a student doesn’t really encourage it, unlesss you are studying something plant linked and neither of them did.

But slowly the gardening links are emerging. Next year youngest child will have a garden attached to the little house he is renting. I have requests for herbs-so will be taking cuttings of my rosemary and thyme plants for him. And eldest child is now on the waiting list for an allotment. I was thrilled when she came to visit recently with her other half and wanted to see my allotment. Even more when they also asked to get dirty.

I know it has nothing to do with ancestry,and is entirely to do with inclination, but I love being able to hand on to the next generation the skills I learned from my father, and he from his. Proud, you might say. So here are the time honoured skills of potato digging and weed hoeing.


2 thoughts on “proud 2

  1. I think Id almost be more proud of this than the graduation šŸ™‚ This is what Im hoping for with our kids in few years.

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