Awe inspiring, prehistoric and gloriously free. Last week we were lucky to have three Southern hawker dragonflies (Aeshna cyanea) emerge from the pond. The scale is difficult to gauge from these pictures, but the wingspan is about 4 inches from tip to tip.

Affter waiting in the depths of the pond, feeding on invertebrates for perhaps two years, they emerge to enjoy their short summer lives. A few weeks at the best time of the year.

I think these may be females-the males tend to be bluer. I hope at least one returns to lay her eggs in the pond.

Please click the pictures to enlarge them.


3 thoughts on “dragonfly

  1. I get these in my garden Judith. I did see a flash of something quite large hawking through the garden the other day? They really are amazing! x

  2. I too love watching dragonflies and damselflies. After having next to none in recent years, this year we have all kinds of damselflies. I caught a picture of a couple of them eating other little bugs. I’ve only seen a few dragonflies though but am thrilled at all the damselflies.

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