festival weather

I have been enjoying “festival weather” this weekend. Ask anyone in the UK and they will tell you festival weather needs to be met with wellies and waterproofs, or for the young and carefree, not much and a pair of flip flops.

On Friday we went to the Saul Canal Festival/Folk on the Water *in the village of Saul in Gloucestershire, near the river Severn. Last year’s event was cancelled owing to the widespread flooding of the Severn Valley, so they had all fingers crossed for a better spell this year. It has been a better summer, but alas for us, we entered a spell of wet and windy weather over the weekend, especially Saturday and Sunday nights. Not much fun camping, but hey, the music was good, the company fine and the best dressed dogs looked like this…..

It’s a tremendous idea, combining fund raising for the canal preservation trusts, a gala weekend for water folk and a folk music festival. The narrow boats were on show in great numbers, making a beautiful backdrop for the music. Or should it be that the music added a lovely accompaniment to the style and colour of the narrow boats. I am already looking forward to going next year.

*Saul Canal Festival & Folk on the Water Weekend is a fund raising event organised & operated by a team of over four hundred Cotswold Canals Trust Volunteers. All surplus funds are used to further the restoration of the waterways link between the Rivers Thames & Severn.

Taken from the official website linked to above.


2 thoughts on “festival weather

  1. You seem to have had a very good time – and so did the dogs, appearently. Wearing a scarf around the neck seems to be the latest fashion…

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