thinking aloud loudly

This morning, if you do only one thing, I urge you to read Karen’s post on her blog here.

If you grow things, and if you eat things, which let’s face it covers all of us, it is as well to know about the problems caused by a pesticide used to kill broad leaved weeds.

I am not a luddite and I know that this planet needs to feed its population. I accept large scale agricultural production is part of that. But I also need to know that if I am trying to grow my own produce and take care about how I do that, for myself, my family, my plot and my part of the planet, that I don’t inadvertently bring toxins in because someone possibly hasn’t done all the research into the safety of an agrochemicals they should have.

I am not trying to think selfishly about this. Nor am I trying to point a finger of guilt. I am just trying to help raise awareness of an issue. We all need to know that the food we choose to put into our mouths will nourish us and that we are still, under the veneer of 21st century civilization, Stone Age people who cope best with an uncontaminated food supply.

And if this product (aminopyralid) can damage vegetables a year after it is applied to them in manure, and the advice I hear is to leave my land fallow for at least another year, I have to wonder about the advisability of the chemical concerned being in use until further trilas have been conducted.

For the record, as far as I can tell my manure is not causing damage to my vegetables, but I shall certainly be asking questions before I order any this year.

And if you are interested this week’s Gardener’s Question Time on BBC Radio 4 has a feature on the problem and you can listen again here, It is nearer the end of the broadcast than the beginning.


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