Love them or loathe them, few flowers take the breath away more than Dahlias.

I have a small garden, as you may already know, and haven’t grown the big blowsy ones for ages. But with the arrival of the allotment this year, all that has changed. I even prepared a specially enriched trench for them in the spring.

I think my love of dahlias goes back to my childhood. The head teacher of my first school grew them and once I had seen those tight little pompom sorts, I was hooked. My dad preferred chrysanthemums and grew those but I have never quite loved them in the same way. I think it’s the way they smell that puts me off. And the fact they do best in the winter. But dahlias are all aboout sunshine and heat and fiestas….so now I am a dahlia grower.

Next season I may get some of the little pompoms to join the big shaggy ones I have this year. And now I’m going to hope we get a bit more Mexican weather for them to enjoy, because it’s all looking a bit, well, English out there at the moment.


4 thoughts on “dahlia

  1. The Dahlia pictured above is gorgeous. I love the mixture of pink and white.
    I too remember dahlias from my childhood, but I don’t grow them. Why? I really don’t know… Maybe next year…

  2. Judith, I love dahlias too, my mum very much disliked them, and I could never quite understand why? My dream is to grow masses of them on an allotment, or even on my own land one day? When I was a child there was an elderly local man who grew them to enter into competitions, along with giant onions, needlesstosay he was called The Onion Man! I think dahlias hold at least one memory for everyone, I so enjoyed reading yours. x

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