apples and pears

It seems hard to believe that the lack of any settled summer weather has already lead us to this point in the garden.

I have been harvesting produce from the allotment for some time, and these trees in the garden, although not quite ready yet, are signaling an unwelcome move into a new season. I’m not ready for autumn yet. Where is the summer?

I have been a bit absent from here recently-I’m spending a great deal of time sewing, rather than sowing. And the main purpose of this post is to direct any of you who do not yet know to VP’s “Virtual Garden” blog where she is hoping to raise oodles of money for the charity, WaterAid.

Pop over, have a look around and admire the view and the recipes and the lovely prizes and if you feel inclined, leave her a donation.


2 thoughts on “apples and pears

  1. I can’t get over how Autumnal my garden is looking, we are yet to have a Summer. I used to dislike pears as a kid but I love them now and eat them in preference to apples. Michelle is doing a grand job over at Veg Plotting. x

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