Vp’s open garden

It is terrific news that the wonderful and highly original idea vp had to create a virtual open garden blog to raise money for Wateraid has now reached a staggering £1000.

If you haven’t seen her amazing achievement, please check out the links I have highlighted. The new target is £1300-which could pay for a hand-dug well plus handpump to serve 150-200 people in Ghana. Surely something to aim for. And every little donation will help. It’s really easy to give money through Just Giving on the site-a totally secure method of parting with your money

And if you are wondering why I have been absent  for some time-well I haven’t been absent at all. I have working and posting on my other blog most days. I just haven’t linked to it from here. I seem to have spent the summer creating textiles and stitching and continue to do so. I have been gardening and allotmenting and photographing, but just not here. If you want to see some of the most amazing colours nature produces,  I have included several images of Japanese maples doing their thing here. Enjoy.


9 thoughts on “Vp’s open garden

  1. would you believe when I was doing my blog clean up I saw this blog and thought I must check to see if you havent been posting or if my feed had stopped working ….and here it is! those maple leaves are stunning

  2. Dear Bloggers,

    I recently learned about your water projects in Ghana, just for your information and consideration, visit our website http://www.watsan.org (WatSan means Water & Sanitation, or google for “watsan” ) and find out more about sponsering water projects in Africa in a sustainable way.


  3. Wonderful news! VP mentioned you two get together weekly so I wanted to stop by and see her garden friend! You have a very lovely blog and I see I must check out another one that you have!

    clay and limestone

  4. Must wish you a Happy New Year. Have you moved your blog, or have you stopped blogging for a while? I have been popping by every once in a while to see if you have been making any changes. Hope to see you back in the Spring? x

    1. Happy new Year Louise! The latter- I haven’t put anything on here for a long time-just been working on my textile blog at threadspider.wordpress.com
      I’m undecided about what to do here at the moment. Might change tack and possibly become invite only….I’m still mulling. I hope you are well.

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