emerging from hibernation and cleaning like Mrs Tittlemouse

Just dashing in, duster and broom in hand, for a spot of blog cleaning and refurbishment in the true spirit of Mrs Tittlemouse in Beatrix Potter’s story (Do you know that Project Gutenberg have the full text here. ? Complete with illustrations. What a treat.)

I have left this blog unloved and untouched for nearly 18 months whilst being busy over the way at Threadspider’s Weblog, and nearly deleted it on a couple of occasions. But there is too much here close to my heart and so it has been “resting”. High time for a revival I feel-it comes I suspect from that rush of Spring energy.

Bear with me whilst I continue to shine and polish, sort out links and the like. There might not be many changes over the next few days, but soon. Like Spring.


4 thoughts on “emerging from hibernation and cleaning like Mrs Tittlemouse

  1. Well, I’m very glad you didn’t delete it. Welcome back to the presently dank but spring-like gardening blogosphere!

    Never sure about Potter though: I was a sensitive soul as a child and the Tale of Squirrel Nutkin had a dark subtext. Yes I know that’s an odd statement!

    1. Thanks Max and welcome to the dusty but comfortable old blog. Delighted you were the first visitor! Hmmm-I think I know what you mean about Beatrix Potter but she was a pretty keen farmer, to be fair!

  2. What a surprise and welcome back! Looks like I need to restore you to my blog sidebar in the new and most comfy ‘Local Vocals’ section.

    Thank goodness I didn’t delete you from my blog following list at the same time 🙂

    1. Thanks for visiting, VP-you are so brilliant at maintaining links and connections! I got kick started yesterday when I wanted an old garden site I used to visit, looked at the blog and felt most sorry for it. That and the odd interest in Suffolk Punch horses I have photos of from someone who was searching here. And Interflora, of all people. It must be the season for it again.

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