happy April

Between the rain and hail showers yesterday afternoon I photographed an example of everything in flower in the garden.  You will need to click on the picture to see better.I reckon the season really gets going here in April and from now until June the number of flowers increase daily. I have tried to prolong the season and I will show you later on in the year what I have attempted, but the garden is unashamedly a Spring and early summer garden, because I love the flowers that flourish then. And lets face it, who doesn’t love an English garden in May?

Looking at this year’s April picture and comparing it with the last 2 years here and here , I noticed how little leaf there is yet this year and how many fewer flowers have opened. The  peonies are still at the pink rhubarb-stalk stage and the forget me nots- still just clumps leaves. Compared to the burgeoning April of last year, everything here is quite understated. I reckon everything is a couple of weeks behind.  Have you noticed anything very different in your garden this Spring?


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